Five minute $3.00 Dollar Tree Wreath


I am big on all Holiday’s, I believe festive activities and decorations brings imagination and memories into a kids life. My son loves going through tubs of decorations with me. It’s like Christmas in October for both of us – Usually, my thoughts are, “How cute! When did I buy this?” I can’t control myself when I see decorations, Something I will be forever working on. On top of shopping, I enjoy making decorations especially if they are cheap.

So here is a cute and simple wreath that anyone can make with a few simple items:

  • Styrofoam Wreath
  • Ribbon of your choice (9 + Foot Roll)
  • Spiders/Skulls (What items you think match your ribbon best)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Step 1: Glue the first part of the ribbon to the styrofoam wreath. Like so :


Step 2: Wrap the ribbon throughout the wreath:


Step 3: Cut off the excess ribbon (Be sure to leave enough to cover the styrofoam) Hot glue the ribbon to cover it. Then cut the remaining ribbon into two pieces :


Step 4: Glue the fun stuff on one side of the wreath. Get creative – I did mine basic but there is never too may eyes, skulls, spiders, etc.


last step. Glue one of the two extra pieces of ribbon onto the back of the wreath and you now have  a simple, adorable Halloween wreath!


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