Portillo’s Hot Dogs – Buena Park


Portillo’s Buena Park (Outside)


So I have been a little MIA recently. Sorry everyone! I thought it was a good idea to add 6 units to my already busy schedule and after typing 15-page papers, I was against using a laptop. Now I switched to 3 units and have time to do things that I like to do. .. like EAT.

So let’s talk about Portillo’s. AMAZING. If you have not tried it, you definitely should. I will warn you, they are super busy at all times but in my opinion – A long line almost always means it’s worth it.


There is so much to look at inside, which I usually never do because I am shoving my face but it’s decor fits in perfectly with the atmosphere. The employees are all very unique. The lady who called out our order rhymed with the numbers she was calling.

“Order number 199, it’s finally your time. – Order number 162, come get your food.” 


So after you order your food. They send you to the left of the order area. (Pictured above) and they hand your food in a bag – They do not ask you ‘For here’ or ‘to-go’ – It will be in a bag regardless.

So then when it comes time to open that bag, it is deliciousness! Today, I got a chili cheese dog and cheese fries. I usually get something different every time I go and have never been disappointed.



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