Paint and Wine night – Dos Lagos Corona Location 

There are tons of different paint and wine night classes that I have found online. I decided to try this particular one because it was in a great area and it was fairy new. Sadly, there was no Groupon for it but on the plus side I LOVED the class. So let’s talk about the class and environment. 

  • Creative Souls art Lounge
  • 2780 Cabot Drive #155 Corona, Ca 
  • 951-479-8886
  • Creativesoulsartlounge@gmail.com
  • Responsible for your own snacks and alcoholic beverages 
  • Each class price varies, this one was $35.00 (Check the list below for other available classes and prices)
  • All paint brushes, paint and other supplies are included 

Here is a list of “Paint and Sip” classes that are offered. You can also register online.

If you browse around their website you will see they also offer couples classes, kids classes and at home events.

Here is a picture of the teachers snowman and my friends snowman. Clearly, we were just beginners but it was a lot of fun.

While waiting for each paint layer to dry. The teacher has you switch to a second bottle. This one wasn’t as detailed but still adorable.

Sorry for the stickers I didn’t want to add anyone’s faces without permission. I am on the left proud of my Santa wine bottle.

The teachers were so nice and made you feel welcomed. They helped us with every step and did the same thing with us so we saw what our bottles were supposed to progress into. One of my favorite things was that the teacher talked into a headset so it projected her voice well enough for the whole class to hear.

The other side of the bottle was a Christmas tree and I got To-Go goodie bags to add lights to my bottle. Final product…..

I would definitely recommend this for a girls night out!  #wine

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