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Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

We received the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set for my munchkins birthday this year. Today we decided to open it up and have some fun inside the house due to the weather. We only did two cards -The box came with about 15 cards – they created a lot of excitement in our house.

This is what the box looked like when we opened it. 

And here are some of the cards that came with it. We tried the color mixing and the volcano.

I was too busy making sure that red food coloring wasn’t thrown around my house to take pictures but this experiment was simple and fun. We had three test tubes; one with red water (larger tube) and one with blue followed by the other with yellow (smaller tubes). Using the provided dropper we took some from the large tube with red water and dropped it into the yellow tube and watched it to make orange. As you can see my toddler enjoyed shaking the test tubes. This helped me show him primary colors and discover what mixing colors did.
Now for the fun part, the volcano. 

We agreed upon a blue volcano instead of a red one…either way the explosion is what entertained everyone.

The excitement on their faces says it all. This kit brought a lot of fun to our family on a rainy day and best of all – It’s educational! 

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